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Brian Alderman, IvyCo Founder/CEO

November 3, 2021

The climate crisis is full of monsters that keep us up at night - but would those monsters be less scary if we understood them better?

To explore that concept, IvyCo partnered with digital artist Dave Szilagyi to create a series of digital artwork to bring the monsters to life.This series of digital artwork is a different take on the climate crisis. Usually, climate coverage is full of statistics and opaque science. These visuals can provide an alternative way of introducing and discussing a complicated topic

David Szilagyi is a self-taught concept artist and illustrator located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. David is known for his horror series Creepy Pokemon, he developed a kids' animated educational show called Adventure Castle, and has worked on a number of album covers,  board games, and other projects.

'Ocean Acidification'

IvyCo: What inspires your style of art?

David Szilagyi: My black and white art style draws inspiration from Stephen Gammel's work from Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark. I find this style compliments imagery that evokes anger, sadness, and brokenness.

IvyCo: What are you hoping folks will take away from this series?

David Szilagyi: I find that climate change by itself is terrifying, but I feel it's easy to mentally put it aside. While real world imagery is starkly sobering (bleached coral reefs, walruses falling off of sheer cliffs to their deaths), I feel the fantastical horror imagery uniquely holds an audience's imagination while pushing a dire environmental message.

'Food Waste'

IvyCo: What do you think these monsters reflect/represent?

David Szilagyi: These monsters, to me, reflect a feeling similar to the Brother's Grimm fairy tales. Cautionary tales, grounded in a certain feeling or inevitable truth, for the audience to learn from.

IvyCo: Do you think these monsters reflect us, or the worst of us?

David Szilagyi: I wouldn't say these monsters reflect the worst of us; rather they reflect the results of our very human inclinations, regardless of accountability.

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'Fossil Fuels Monster'

IvyCo: What’s your favorite climate monster?

David Szilagyi: The nightmare sealion for the Ocean Acidification. Firstly, I have a fear of large expanses of space or open water; secondly, when I was younger, I almost fell backward into an ocean wave containing a massive jellyfish.

IvyCo: Which one scares you the most?

David Szilagyi: The "Do-Nothing Politicians," the political hands tied by clandestine agreements, religion, and corporate lobbying can lead to the most monstrous and debilitating actions (or inaction).

'Do Nothing Politicians'

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